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SecureFilePro Mobile App📱

From your smartphone, taxpayers can:

📃 Upload Files

📝 E-sign documents

⬇️ Download prior year returns

📧 Send messages to our firm

SecureFilePro now has a mobile app. Taxpayers can download the mobile app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Search for "SecureFilePro."

After downloading the app, the taxpayer will enter the email address that is associated with their SFP login and click Submit.

The domain will be loaded to allow them to log in to the account that you have set up by entering their Username and Password and clicking Sign in.

Layout and available functions are the same as the website.

Main Page - Defaults to the Files tab for quick uploading or downloading of documents:

Menus - click the hamburger icon at the top left to access the different tabs (Files, Profile, Checklist, Questionnaire, Messenger, Sign Forms, Payment). Note that the taxpayer will only see the tabs you have enabled on Account Settings > Connect Features.

The taxpayer can make changes to their own account information (email and password changes and MFA options) by clicking on the profile icon at the top right and selecting Account. To log out, click the profile icon and choose Logout.

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