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Our Partnership With Xpitax

One of the most challenging aspects of owning a CPA firm is hiring from a historically tight and competitive labor market. It creates a financial and administrative burden on our top-level CPAs & diverts our energy away from doing what we love: tax planning and strategizing for clients.

We are excited to introduce a new opportunity that involves our use of a third-party data entry services that enable us to complete your tax returns more efficiently: we have contracted with Xpitax LLC, an industry-leader in offshore tax return preparation, to handle the data entry our preparer used to do.

Why are you using a third-party for the data entry portion of my return?

  • Eliminating the data entry portion of your return will greatly improve the turnaround time for your return because we have increased staff-capacity.

  • Using data entry services enables our in-house CPAs to focus on:

a) the complex areas of your tax return preparation

b) more face to face time with clients (which we love)

c) he ability to add more services to our current clients

  • The use of a third party data entry provider will help offset the increasing cost of doing business in Austin, TX – a high cost of living location.

  • This will improve the work-life balance of our staff which will lead to less turnover and further strength long-term relationships with our clients.

Who will be reviewing my return?

Leslie & Nick will be reviewing and signing all tax returns. We are only utilizing a third-party company for the data entry portion of the tax return.

Who are you using for the data entry?

We will be using Xpitax Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a third party data entry service provider. Xpitax Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a U.S. owned service bureau with offshore employees.

It is a recognized leader in the field of tax preparation. We have entered into a non‐disclosure agreement with Xpitax which legally establishes its obligation to maintain the privacy of your information.

Is my data safe?

  • Xpitax’ security protocols are SOC2 Certified; this certification is issued by outside auditors which consider security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. The SOC2 designation is endorsed by the AICPA, the governing body for CPAs.

  • The data is fully-encrypted the entire time it is transmitted and stored.

  • The servers are located in the US.

  • The offshore workstations are dummy workstations (terminals) with no USB ports, no ability to store or even save data locally.

  • They don’t have any paper in their entire office

Will my data be sent offshore?

Your data will be stored and encrypted in the United States; none of your data will leave the country. However, in some cases, the tax preparer will be located offshore.

Do I have to agree to this if I want to retain your services?

No; electing to leverage these services is a choice – we look forward to serving you by preparing your taxes in either situation.

What do you need from me?

Based on regulations issued by the Internal Revenue Service, we must obtain your express written permission to use a data entry service provider where the services may be provided offshore. By signing the consent form, you are allowing us to use this service to assist in the data entry portion of your tax returns.

A link to e-sign the form can be found here:

We are very excited for this change and feel confident that our clients will appreciate the increased availability for tax planning and consulting.

More information about Xpitax:

Outsourcing QA's
Download PDF • 190KB

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