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Create IRS Account to See Stimulus Payments & ES Payments

Creating an IRS account to view information (such as stimulus checks) only takes a few minutes:

You will need:

  • Name & Personal Information

  • One of the following account numbers:

  1. Last 8 digits credit card (Not Amex Card)

  2. Student Loan account number

  3. Mortgage or home equity loan account number

  4. HELOC account number

  5. Auto loan number

  • Phone number (you will receive text or phone call with security code to verify identity)

Steps to create account are below!

⭐ Start here:

Step 2: Click: "Create or view your account"

Step 3: Sign Up

Click: "Create Account"

Step 4: You will need to register in order to use this service

Click "Continue"

Step 5: You will need some information about yourself to register

Click "Yes"

Step 6: You need a financial account to register

Click "Yes"

Step 7: You need a phone number or verified address

Click "Continue"

Step 8: "Let's Get Started!"

Enter: First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Confirm Email Address

Click "Send Code"

Step 9: Enter in verification code

Step 10 Enter Personal Information

Step 11: Enter your financial information:

Step 12 Verify account via text or phone call

Step 13 Create user name & password

Then you should be all set!

💵 Stimulus checks:

💵 Estimated Tax Payments:

Reason: Other

Customer File Number: blank

Access to:

Record of Account Transcript

Return Transcript

Account Transcript

Wage & Income Summary

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